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The retinal tear immediately after complicated cataract surgery

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First Author: E.Kucukkomurcu TURKEY

Co Author(s):    C. Caglar                    

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To present a case with retinal tear at the 25th day of complicated cataract surgery.


Department of Opthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, Hitit University, Çorum, TURKEY.


Phacoemulsification surgery was planned for a 59 years of patient with senile cataract. The surgery was performed uneventfully until the end of the surgery and intraocular lens was implanted into the capsular bag. At the time of the last viscoelastic substance part removal beneath the intraocular lens, the patient suddenly turned his head and irrigation aspiration cannula went unintentionally to the inferonasal quadrant of the capsular bag causing 90 degrees of zonule dialysis. With the incarceration of the vitreous from the dialysis to the anterior chamber, upward movement of the inferior haptic of lens observed.


Intracapsular capsule tension ring implanted after removal of the vitreous from the anterior chamber with anterior vitrectomy. After the first week of the surgery, no vitreous material was examined in the anterior chamber and there wasn’t any pupil abnormality. On the postoperative 24th day, the patient referred to our clinic with the compliant of floaters. Fundoscopic examination was performed without pupil dilatation and glasses were prescribed. Patient was cautioned to refer to the hospital if his compliant gets worse. One day after his examination, patient applied with increase of floaters and reduction of visual acuity.


On the dilated fundoscopic examination there were intravitreal hemorrhage and retinal tear on the superotemporal quadrant. On the 3th and 7th day of laser photocoagulation, retina was attached. After 1 month, retinal laser photocoagulation scar was occured and retina was attached.Complicated cataract surgery increases the risk of retinal tear formation. Care must be taken to completely remove the vitreous from the anterior chamber to prevent this complication, Any compliant of a patient postoperatively should be taken into consideration and dilated fundus examination must be performed in order to visualize peripheral retina. Retinal tear should be treated immediately after diagnosis.

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