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Changes in shape and astigmatism of total and posterior cornea after long vs short clear corneal incision cataract surgery

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First Author: K.Hayashi JAPAN

Co Author(s):    M. Yoshida   A. Hirata   K. Yoshimura              

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To compare changes in shape and astigmatism of the total and posterior cornea between eyes with long-length clear corneal incisions (CCIs) and eyes with short-length CCIs in cataract surgery.


Hayashi Eye Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan.


Both eyes of 120 patients undergoing phacoemulsification with temporal CCIs were randomized to undergo long-length (≥1.75 mm) or short-length (<1.75 mm) CCI. Corneal astigmatic changes were decomposed to vertical/horizontal (J0) and oblique changes (J45) using power vector analysis, and corneal shape changes were assessed using the average of difference map on videokeratography at 2 days, and 2, 4, and 8 weeks postoperatively.


The mean J0 and J45 of the total cornea were significantly greater in the long CCI group than in the short CCI group at all follow-up periods (P≤. 0290). The videokeratography showed a wedge-shaped flattening in the total cornea and a steepening in the posterior cornea around the CCI at 2days postoperatively in both groups. This wound-related flattening of the total cornea rapidly reduced but persisted until 8 weeks, while the steepening of the posterior cornea disappeared within 4 weeks. These changes extended closer to the central cornea in the long CCI group than in the short CCI group.


Corneal astigmatic changes were significantly greater after long CCI than after short CCI. The wound-related shape changes occurred immediately postoperatively, but rapidly diminished; these changes extended closer to the central cornea after long CCI than after short CCI.

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