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Safety and efficacy of phacoemulsification in different types of chronic post-uveitis cataract

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First Author: H.Arzoallxhiu KOSOVO

Co Author(s):    N. Polloshka-Arzoallxhiu                    

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To asses and evaluate the safety and efficacy of phacoemulsification in different types of chronic post uveitis cataract,


Prizren Regional Hospital Eye Department and American Vision Eye Center Prizren


A total of 68 eyes of 54 patients were operated with temporal clear corneal incision phacoemulsification in a period of two years between January 2016 and February 2018. The study included various types of post uveitic cataract such us pupillary occlusions, non dilating miotic pupil, festooned pupil, post trabeculectomy pupl, and mature hard white uveitic cataract.Standard preoperative regimen of topical and sistemic steroids were instituted a week before surgical intervention. All cases were performed by single surgeon in two different centers and local anesthesia.


Intraoperative complications were negligible with few incidents of AC instability (3.56 %), descemets striping (1.73 %), floppy iris (22,3 %), uncontrolled rhexis formation (3.44 5), and linear mark imprints at the pupillary margin due to iris retractors (44.13 % ). Post operative complications included day 1 postoperative corneal oedema (44.2 %), fibrinous reaction (10.45 %), increased IOP (8.78%), cystoid macular oedema (11.7%), pupillary capture (1.65 %), PCO (17.96 %). Complications were mostly observed at hard uveitic cataract. High percentage of patients (76.3%) recorded a BCVA 10|20 or bettter.


Adequate exposure of pupillary area using iris retractors makes phacoemulsification safe and effective in these cases and helps overcome unavoidable complications

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