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Comparison of the efficacy of two methods of intracameral anesthesia during cataract surgery

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First Author: D.Nowakowska POLAND

Co Author(s):    P. Latka   K. Nowomiejska   R. Rejdak              

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The aim of the study was to compare analgetic effect of two methods of intraocular anesthesia during cataract surgery and to assess the functional postoperative results. Determination of factors influencing the experience of pain during the surgery.


Department of General Ophthalmology and Pediatric Ophthalmology Service Medical University of Lublin


In this prospective study a group of 62 patients who underwent cataract surgery received Mydrane (study group) or a combination of lignocaine 1% and adrenalin 0.025% (reference group) as an intraocular anesthetic. The analgesic effect of these two methods was evaluated using psychological tools - Visual Analog Scale for Pain (VAS Pain) before and after the surgery, as well as Brief Pain Inventory-short form (BPI) on the next day after the surgery. A full ophthalmological examination was carried out before and 7 days after the surgery.


There were no statistically significant differences found between the two anesthesia methods in regard to the mean pain measured with VAS Pain (p=0.3), the mean severity score(p=0.94) and in the influence of the pain during the last 24h on activity (p=0.79), mood(p=0.31), social contacts (p=0.29), sleep (p=0.5) and the joy of life(p=0.39). There was no statistically significant influence of age, sex, lateralization, visual acuity, previously underwent cataract surgery, co-existing ophthalmological diseases and post-operative complications on the experience of pain measured with VAS Pain during the surgery and on the strongest pain present in the last 24h measured with BPI.


Intraocular anesthesia during the cataract surgery using Mydrane is as effective as a solution of lignocaine 1% with adrenaline 0.025%, which has been used until now. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this paper.

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