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Comparison of defocus tolerance between premium IOLs

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Session Details

Session Title: Presented Poster Session: EDOF IOLs

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : C.Palomino SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    D. Carmona   A. Castillo   M. Romero                 

Abstract Details


To compare the defocus tolerance between a EDOF IOL with other premium IOLS using an objective and subjective method of evaluation.


Hospital Universitario Quiron


60 subjects in total, 10 per kind IOL evaluated. EDOF is a TECNIS Symfony IOL that has been compared with FINEVISION, PANOPTIX, TECNIS ZMB00, TECNIS ZLB00 and ATLISA 939. VSOTF, a descriptor of optical quality, was measured at a 6-mm pupil size with iTrace aberrometer (Tracey Technologies, Corp., Houston TX, USA). VSOTF consists on Visual Strehl (VS) ratio calculated in the spatial frequency domain and based on optical transfer function (OTF). For the subjective evaluation, it was increased defocus (±0.25 D) progressively starting from BCVA, in order to produce a perceptible change (10%) in the visual acuity.


The depth of focus in diopters at 90%, measured with itrace were for Tecnis ZLB00: 0.395D, Tecnis ZMB00: 0.348D, Tecnis Symfony: 0.444D, Finevision: 0.355D, ATLISA939: 0.316D AND Panoptix: 0.405D. The depth of focus in diopters at 90%, measured with subjective evaluation were for Tecnis ZLB00: 1.00D, Tecnis ZMB00: 0.740D, Tecnis Symfony: 1.520D, Finevision: 0.500D, ATLISA939: 0.450D AND Panoptix: 1.210D.


The premium IOL with the better defocus tolerance is Tecnis Symfony, for both test evaluation. The use of this kind of IOLS provides a better tolerance to post surgery refractive surprises due to wide defocus tolerance.

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