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Clinical performance of a continuous transitional focus intraocular lens: a multicentre study

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Session Title: Extended Depth-of-Focus IOL Concepts

Session Date/Time: Monday 24/09/2018 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 10:09

Venue: Room A4

First Author: : J.Ramírez-Espinoza SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    A. Del Aguila-Carrasco   R. Ruiz-Mesa                 

Abstract Details


To evaluate the visual outcomes of a new refractive intraocular lens (IOL) with a continuous transitional focus (Precizon Presbyopic, Ophtec) implanted bilaterally in patients after lens removal.


Oftalvist CIO Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain


In this European multicentre study, the Precizon Presbyopic IOL was implanted in 126 eyes from 63 patients with a mean age of 64±8 years. Three months after the bilateral implantation, uncorrected visual acuity was measured for distance (UDVA), intermediate (UIVA) at 80 cm, and near (UNVA) at 40 cm, both monocularly and binocularly. Distance best-corrected visual acuity was also assessed for the same distances (CDVA, DCIVA, DCNVA). In addition, the binocular defocus curve was obtained and contrast sensitivity was evaluated under fotopic and mesopic conditions. Patients were asked to complete a quality-of-vision questionnaire.


Residual spherical equivalent of the 61 patients who completed the study was −0.05±0.41 Diopters (D). Monocular UDVA, UIVA, and UNVA were 0.10±0.13, 0.15±0.13, and 0.18±0.15, respectively. Binocular UDVA, UIVA, and UNVA were −0.02±0.08, 0.06±0.11, and 0.12±0.13. Monocular CDVA, DCIVA, and DCNVA were 0.04±0.09, 0.16±0.14, and 0.19±0.13. Binocularly, CDVA, DCIVA, and DCNVA were −0.01±0.09, 0.08±0.12, and 0.14±0.12, respectively. The binocular defocus curve showed two peaks at 0 and −2 D, while maintaining good visual acuity at intermediate distances. Contrast sensitivity was similar to that obtained with other IOLs.


The Precizon Presbyopic IOL offered good uncorrected visual outcomes at far, intermediate, and near distances. According to the quality of vision questionnaire, only 14% of the patients experienced moderate or severe glare and haloes, whereas 16% experienced starbursts. Seventy seven percent of the patients did not experience hazy vision at all. Eighty percent of the patients did not need spectacles at all.

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