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Visual acuity, defocus curves, and contrast sensitivity with 6 multifocal IOLs (AcrySof ReSTOR SV25T0, Tecnis ZKB00, Tecnis ZLB00, AT LISA 809M, ATLISA Tri 839MP, Tecnis Symfony ZXR00): 6 months after cataract intervention

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Session Details

Session Title: EDOF vs Multifocal IOLs

Session Date/Time: Sunday 23/09/2018 | 14:15-16:00

Paper Time: 14:21

Venue: Room A4

First Author: : M.Gil SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    C. Varon   G. Cardona   J. Buil              

Abstract Details


A prospective, randomized, double masked, clinical trial was designed to evaluate visual acuity, defocus curves and contrast sensitivity in 116 patients symmetrically, and randomly, implanted with six different multifocal IOL designs (Acrysof ReSTOR SV25T0, Tecnis ZKB00, Tecnis ZLB00, ATLISA 809M, ATLISA Tri 839MP, Tecnis Symfony ZXR00), six months after cataract intervention.


Ophthalmology Department of Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.


Patients were symmetrically and randomly implanted with AcrySof ReSTOR SV25T0 (n=19), ATLISA 809M (n=18), ATLISA Tri 839MP (n=19), Tecnis ZKB00 (n=20), Tecnis ZLB00 (n=20) and Tecnis Symfony ZXR00 (n=20). Six months after lens implantation, visual acuity was evaluated by assessing monocular corrected distance visual acuity (DCVA), monocular distance corrected near visual acuity at 40 cm (NDCVA) and monocular distance corrected intermediate visual acuity at 60 cm (IDCVA). Contrast sensitivity evaluation under photopic, mesopic and mesopic with glare conditions was performed with the CSV-1000 contrast sensitivity test (Vector Vision).


The best DCVA was with the Symfony (0.000 logMAR). For intermediate vision, the Symfony followed by the ZKB00 offered the best visual acuity. The best and worst results at near corresponded to the ZLB00 (0.056 logMAR) and the SV25T0 (0.237 logMAR) and Symfony (0.260 logMAR), respectively. Defocus curves the Symfony extended depth of focus lens had a wider range (-1.50 and +0.50 D), with no decay. For intermediate vision only the Symfony obtained sharp visual acuity. Contrast sensitivity in all conditions was better with the Symfony, particularly for intermediate and high spatial frequencies.


The present findings show that the extended depth of focus IOL design of the Tecnis Symfony ZXR00 offers a superior range of clear vision at far and intermediate distances than other multifocal IOLs, as well as a better contrast sensitivity, with worse results for near vision. The outcome of the various visual function parameters reflects the particular optical, geometrical and power distribution characteristics of the IOLs designs under evaluation.

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