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Effect of multi-burst modality on ultrasound exposure and fluidics in the setting of a vacuum-based phacoemulsification system

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Session Details

Session Title: Evolution in FLACS & Phaco Technology

Session Date/Time: Sunday 23/09/2018 | 08:00-09:45

Paper Time: 08:57

Venue: Room A3, Podium 2

First Author: : M.Jackson USA

Co Author(s): :    V. Kolesnitchenko   A. Pilon                 

Abstract Details


Modern phacoemulsification platforms utilize various modalities to increase their efficiency and reduce exposure to ultrasonic energy during cataract surgery. This study sought to evaluate the effect that various phaco modalities available have on the ultrasonic energy required and fluid used during the completion of routine cataract procedures


Multi-center, multiple surgeons


Collected metrics from two distinct phaco modalties, conventional (C) and multi-burst (MB), on the Stellaris Vision Enhancement System (Bausch & Lomb) were evaluated during the completion a significant number of routine cataract procedures (C =10577, MB =814). Values collected and analyzed included Average Energy Dose (AED), Average Phaco Percentage (APP), Average Phaco Duration (APD), Average Aspiration Duration (AAD), Average Irrigation Duration (AID), Average Fluid Usage (AFU) and Average Fluid Flow (AFF)


Analysis revealed similar AED values between both groups (C= 6.84±8.52 sec, MB =7.17±6.35 sec, p= 0.16) with greater variance noted in with the APP values (C=15.36±8.52, MB =25.05±5.84, p =0.00) and the APD values (C=0.72±0.77 min, MB =0.45±0.28, p=0.00). Fluid metrics of AAD (C=4.15±2.49min, MB =2.38±0.70min, p =0.00), AID (C=6.36±4.57 min, MB=3.15±1.15 min, p =0.00), AFU (C =84.03±37.47mL, MB =85.33±19.50 mL, p =0.00) and AFF (C=15.86±8.07 ml/min, MB = 28.97±19.99, p = 0.09) diverged in a similar manner between the two platforms


With similarities in the AED and AFU values between modalities, the MB modality proved to be more efficient compared to C modality during routine cataract surgery using a vacuum-based phacoemulsification platform. By reducing energy used (AED) by almost 40% and employing almost 40% less phacoemulsification time (APD), MB modality can support improved operative efficiency relative to C modality. Additionally, a reduction in AAD and AID was noted in the MB group relative to the C group and was in keeping with the higher AFF values noted in cataract procedures employing the MB modality

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