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Correction of irregular cornea post-radial keratotomy using femto laser-assisted intracorneal rings

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First Author: M.Abdalla EGYPT

Co Author(s):    K. Nagy   O. Ibrahim                 

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To evaluate visual, refractive and Topographic changes in Irregular Corneas Post-Radial Keratotomy (RK) Using Femto-Laser Assisted Intracorneal Rings implantation.


roayah eye center alexandria


Report of a case series of 7 eyes that underwent Femto-Laser assisted intra corneal rings implantation using the VisuMax® laser platform with 500 kHz repetition rate.All cases cases had preoperative and postoperative UCVA,BCVA,Topography,anterior segment OCT (Visante®)up 2 years.


All cases completed 1 year follow up with a Mean follow up of 15 months. The mean UCVA (Snellen decimal) changed from 0.14 (range, 0.05-0.3) preoperatively to 0.72 (range, 0.5- 0.9) postoperatively. The mean BCVA changed from 0.62 (range, 0.4-0.7) preoperatively to 0.83 (range, 0.6-0.9) at 1year postoperatively.


Intracorneal rings is a possible alternative to avoid keratoplasty in irregular corneas post-Radial keratotomy with satisfactory visual outcomes.

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