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Quality of vision with extended-depth-of-focus intraocular lens implantation

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First Author: D.Stanila ROMANIA

Co Author(s):    P. Alina-Adriana   S. Adriana                 

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To show the quality of vision in the EDOF IOL implantation.The quality of vision (QofV) of patients operated with multifocal lens implants is the goal of the ophthalmologist surgeon. There are cases where, although the visual acuity is 20/20, we deal with patient dissatisfaction. Why? Because night vision is deficient due to halos, glare and starburst. What can we do? Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) crystalline implant seems to solve this problem. EDOF IOL creates an elongated focal point increase the depth of focus in order to generate a progresive multifocality to correct presbyopia.


The study was performed in Ofta Total Clinic Sibiu, Romania


We implanted 48 EDOF lenses in 22 patients bilaterally and in 4 patients, unilaterally. The age range was between 34-76 years, with a mean age of about 55 years.. The intervention was performed mainly for curative purposes, most of them presenting with cortical-nuclear cataract or posterior subcapsular cataract, with visual acuity between 0.1-0.5cc and, 4 cases for refractive purpose, with visual acuity 0.8-1cc. In 18 patients out of a total of 22, cataract surgery assisted with the LensX (FLACS) was performed. We tested visual acuity,ocular dominance, before and after surgery.


We target an emetropia for dominant eye and a small myopia for nondominant eye.We have developed a questionnaire that revealed the quality of distance and near vision and invited patients to respond especially about night vision performance. The quality of the vision (the distance and near vision) was very good both during the day and night when we respect ocular dominance with a small myopia for nondominant eye. The vision by night was without halos, glare and starburst.


EDOF IOL creates an elongated focal points for a good Quality of Vision. The patient’s satisfaction is high at distance and near when we respect ocular dominance.

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