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Optical simulation and bench data of a non-diffractive intraocular lens designed to extend depth of focus and minimise visual disturbances

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First Author: J.Schwiegerling USA

Co Author(s):    D. Carson   Z. Xu   M. Choi   S. Lee   Z. Milanovic   S. Lane     

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The purpose is to show a novel, Non-Diffractive Extended Vision IOL (Alcon DFT015) provides a continuous range of focus from distance to near, utilizes all of the light without any diffraction losses, and delivers a monofocal quality distance image and halo profile.


Bench testing at Alcon and independent analyses and simulations at University of Arizona.


The point spread functions (PSF) at the retinal image plane are calculated as a function of viewing distance. The PSF through focus plots for DFT015 and commercially available monofocal and presbyopia-correcting IOLs (PCIOLs) are compared to demonstrate the extended depth of focus. PSF energy distributions are also calculated to show light utilization for DFT015. MTF bench measurements of DFT015 and commercially available monofocal and PCIOLs are used to compare through focus performance while images of a pinhole source in a dark environment are compared to demonstrate halo propensity.


The PSF through focus plots of DFT015 show a continuous energy distance to near profile; plots for diffractive PCIOLs show profiles separated into different focal regions. The PSF energy distribution profiles for 3 and 4.5 mm apertures demonstrate how DFT015 approaches the energy of the monofocal more rapidly than other PCIOLs tested, which indicates the light utilization of DFT015 is similar to a monofocal. MTF measurements show greater depth of focus for DFT015 versus a monofocal IOL. The pinhole images demonstrate that DFT015 has a monofocal-like halo profile without the large diffractive rings characteristic of the PCIOLs tested.


Bench measurements and simulations show that DFT015 delivers a continuous depth of focus from distance to near without the energy losses and halo rings characteristic of diffractive PCIOLs.

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