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Optical evaluation of new design multifocal IOLs with advanced diffraction optics for enhancing the range of intermediate-to-near vision

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First Author: E.Philippaki UK

Co Author(s):    F. Castignoles   P. Sourdille                 

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The aim of this study was to investigate in vitro the optical performance of two new design extended depth of focus (EDOF) complementary IOLs (ACTIVE, Cristalens Industrie, France), compared with traditional bifocal ones.


Department of Physics, King’s College London, UK


Two complimentary EDOF (ACTIVE MID and PLUS) and a traditional bifocal (ARTIS PL M) were tested. All samples were same hydrophobic acrylic material, same dioptric power (+24.0D) and manufacturer (Cristalens Industrie). IOLs were mounted in a lens holder aligned on the optical axis of our bench system. An eye model was developed with an artificial cornea of 0.20 µm spherical aberration (SA). Images were captured with a CCD camera, at several distances and pupil sizes. Both the Point Spread Function (PSF) and the optical resolution of all IOLs were recorded through-focus and calculated using custom-written image processing scripts in Matlab.


Both broad range of intermediate to near vision IOLs demonstrated a through-focus sharp PSF from the intermediate range to the near range, presenting more than 0.75D of improvement in the depth of focus in comparison to the bifocal IOL. ACTIVE MID is effectively improving the intermediate vision while the ACTIVE PLUS is dedicated to near vision. These outcomes are illustrated by the image target at 1.1 cycle per mm: both ACTIVE PLUS and MID offered a focused image of the target at intermediate and near vision.


Our results may suggest that the new design ARTIS ACTIVE IOLs, when implanted together, could possibly offer sharp vision at all distances.

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