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Progressive aberrometric EDOF IOL: objective and subjective visual outcomes in emmetropic patients

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First Author: E.Pedrotti ITALY

Co Author(s):    G. Marchini   A. Galzignato   E. Neri   G. Barosco   A. Montresor        

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To evaluate objective and subjective outcome of bilateral implant of aberrometric progressive EDOF Miniwell® IOL in emmetropic patients.


All surgeries were performed in Ophthalmology Clinic, University of Verona (Italy) by the same experienced surgeon using a standard phacoemulsification technique under topical anesthesia.


25 patients (50 emmetropic eyes) were bilaterally implanted with EDOF-Miniwell® IOL. . IOL power was calculated using SRK-T formula (Lenstar®, Haag-Streit). Preoperatively, corneal spherical aberrometry, pupillometry and corneal K (Scheimpflug Camera) were measured. One-month follow-up data included best distance corrected/uncorrected visual acuity CDVA/UDVA) at 4 m, best intermediate corrected/uncorrected visual acuity (CIVA/UIVA) at 80 cm and 66 cm, best near corrected/uncorrected visual acuity (CNVA/UNVA) at 40 cm. Defocus curve, total and internal RMS (Hartamann-Shack aberrometer), objective contrast sensitivity (MTF-cut-off) and objective optical quality (Strehl ratio, calculated with OQAS®) were measured.  Subjective visual quality was evaluated with NEI-RQL-42 score test.


One-month results were: CDVA -0.05 LogMar, UDVA -0.04 at 4m; CIVA 0.00 LogMar, UIVA 0.04 LogMar at 80 cm; CIVA 0.00 LogMar, UIVA 0.02 LogMar at 66 cm; CNVA 0.08 LogMar, UNVA 0.10 LogMar at 40 cm. Mean corneal spherical aberration was -0.184, mean corneal K was 43.06 D, mean pupillometry 2.56 mm. Satisfaction, independence from glasses, presence of symptomatology such as halos or glares were evaluated with NEI-RLQ-42: dependence on correction score was 71.9, symptoms scale was 82.4, glare scale 93.75.


Patients had optimal visual acuity at all distances (4m, 80 cm, 60 cm, 40 cm).  There was linear correlation between both UNVA and UIVA and elevated mean corneal Ks. UDVA does not undergo variations if slight mistakes in ELP are present. Subjective visual quality was optimal; patients did not complain glare or subjective symptoms.

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