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Isopure IOL: effect of corneal shape on simulated optical performance

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First Author: S.Marcos SPAIN

Co Author(s):    C. Lago   A. de Castro                 

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The Isopure IOL is an enhanced posterior chamber monofocal IOL. It is based onto the patented ISOFOCAL concept. The optic displays polynomial complex surface design parameters to extent the Depth of Focus with respect to standard monofocal IOL. The lens is purely refractive and free of diffractive IOL artefacts and fine-tuned for pupil independence. Since the IOL is designed using a multiconfiguration approach in a general model eye, we studied computationally the impact of corneal shape (radius of curvature, asphericity, and spherical aberration) on MTF at different distances.


Instituto de Optica, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, Spain


Computer Eye models were built with the following parameters:  anterior corneal radius of curvature from 7.687 to 8.368 mm, asphericity from -0.462 to 0.077, resulting in spherical aberrations (SA) from 0 to +0.28 um (6-mm pupil); posterior corneal radius of 6.5 mm; axial length from 21.547 to 26.59 mm.  Isopure IOLs of 15 and 20-D power were virtually implanted in the model eyes. Eye’s Image quality was evaluated in terms of MTF @50 c/mm and Strehl Ratio (PSF SR).  Through-focus curves were analyzed for each tested eye for pupil diameters from 3 to 5 mm.


Equivalent Zernike Phase Plates for the IOLs were dominated by 4th order SA (from +0.942 to +0.904 um) and 6th order SA (+0.234 to +0.068). Average eye’s image quality ranged from 0.530 to 0.869 (MTF 50c/mm) and 0.142 to 0.989 (SR) for IsoPure 15-D and from 0.570 to 0.830 (MTF) and 0.071 to 0.956 (SR) for IsoPure 20-D. Changes in corneal radius of curvature and asphericities produced a variation in the peak MTF of 15% on average with a depth of focus of 1.2 D on average. Best focus is shifted on average by 0.25 D when increasing pupil


The new Isopure IOL is expected to increase depth-of-focus while maintaining excellent optical quality and relative pupil independence in a range of realistic corneas of different radii of curvature and asphericities.

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