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Preliminary outcome analysis of a new extended-depth-of-focus (EDOF) lens

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First Author: G.Lesieur FRANCE

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To study the early refractive results of patients monocularly implanted in BMICS with a new EDOF lens (Synthesis Plus, Cutting Edge).


Centre Ophtalmologique IRIDIS, Albi, France.


This prospective study enrolled 20 patients who were implanted on the non-dominant eye in 2018-2019 by the same surgeon in BMICS with Synthesis Plus lens (Cutting Edge). This IOL is a hydrophilic acrylic lens with modification of asphericity that induces enhanced depth of focus. Contralateral eye was implanted with a monofocal lens. The following tests were monocularly performed at 1-month post-surgery on the test lens: uncorrected distance and near visual acuity (VA), refraction, best corrected distance VA with low and high contrast, best distance corrected near VA and monocular defocus curve. Binocular high and low contrast VAs were also measured.


13 eyes from 13 patients (7 females, 6 males) were analyzed at the 1-month. Uncorrected distance and near VAs were respectively 0,14 ± 0,14 and 0,15 ± 0,15 LogMAR. Mean refraction was -0,59 ± 0,33 D. Monocular best corrected distance VA and near VA with distance correction were respectively 0,01 ± 0,02 and 0,28 ± 0,14 LogMAR. All patients reached binocular corrected distance VA of 0,00 LogMAR. Low contrast distance corrected VA was 0,08 ± 0,06 LogMAR monocularly and 0,01 ± 0,02 binocularly. Monocular defocus curve showed a plateau with 2,35D and 1,71D of defocus at 0,3 and 0,1 LogMAR.


The Synthesis Plus provides good visual acuity for distance and a comfortable near visual acuity. Maximum distance visual acuity and low contrast vision can be secured with implantation of a monocular lens on the dominant eye while providing a true extended depth of focus on the non-dominant eye. This new EDOF lens is a good alternative for presbyopia correction without dysphotopsia.

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