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Comparison of reading performance between lens-based vs cornea-based procedure for presbyopia correction

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First Author: R.Devi INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Ganesh   S. Brar                 

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Comparision of reading performance between a lens based versus a cornea based procedure for presbyopia correction.


Nethradhama Superspeciality eye hospital.


It was a retrospective study in which 50 patients (mean age:61.6 years). Patients reading performance were tested, words per minute(WPM)corrected/ uncorrected , intermediate & near visual acuity,(using SRD-Salzburg Reading Desk, logMR & ETDRS(40,60,80), at 1 month & 3 months post-operatively.


At 1 month post-op, the binocular mean ± SD for EDOF group uncorrected SRD at 60cm 113.21±37.88, corrected SRD at 60cm 101.78±43.42 ,uncorrected SRD distance at 80cm 109.04±24.24,corrected SRD at 80cm 110.86±26.49 ,CNVA were 0.28 logMAR respectively, for  LBV group were 141.56±31.11,144.8±28.80, 140.36±44.78, 146.48 ±41.22. 3 months ,the binocular mean uncorrected SRD at 60cm 111.43±36.24, corrected SRD at 60cm 108.08±26.18,uncorrected SRD distance at 80cm105.39 ±22.83,corrected SRD at 80cm 120.52±36.78,near reading acuity were 0.07 ± logMAR.And for LBV group were 143.28 ±32.36, 148 ±30.5,137.64 ±37.29, 140.44 ±36.39 respectively.


At 1and 3 months, patients had excellent unaided vision at all distances with minimal dysphotopsia ,suggesting that both procedure provide satisfactory outcomes.

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