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Chronic uveitis leading to ciliary body failure: case report

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First Author: K.Zimmer POLAND

Co Author(s):    W. Pytrus   M. Mimier   H. Zając-Pytrus   A. Turno-Kręcicka           

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The poster represents the case of a 45-year-old female patient who was admitted to the Department of Ophthalmology in Wroclaw because of binocular, severe hypotonia, secondary to chronic uveitis.


The patient was diagnosed in the direction of infectious and non-infectious uveitis, without any specific etiology of the disease confirmed. Hypotonia occurred after performing cataract surgery involving both eyes, accompanied by significant swelling of the optic nerve ex vacuo and hypotonic maculopathy.


Previous oral steroid therapy and immunosuppressive treatment with cyclosporin was administered. During hospitalization, intensive local and periocular steroid therapy, atropinization, without normalizing intraocular pressure was used. In the UBM exam, no cyclodialysis was found, but the ring tightening the bag was implanted. Ozurdex was implanted into the vitreous chamber of the right eye.


At present, the patient has been consulted with other Ophthalmologic Centers who have proposed additional methods of increasing intraocular pressure,


Will those methods be sufficient? Determining the optimal and effective treatment of ciliary body failure remains to be a great challenge.

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