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Comparison of efficacy of topical cyclosporine treatment in 0.05% and 0.1% concentrations in dry eye patients

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First Author: G.Sahin TURKEY

Co Author(s):    M. Vural   O. Temizsoylu   C. Guler              

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To compare the effects of topical cyclosporine in different concentrations (%0.05 and %0.1) and frequency of use.


Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital, prospective randomized trial.


69 eyes of 69 patients (35 female, 31 male) with Grade 2 dry eye syndrome were treated with %0.05 cyclosporine (twice a day) (Group 1) and 69 eyes of 69 patients (33 female, 36 male) were treated with %0.1 cyclosporine (once a day) (Group 2). All patients underwent detailed ophthalmologic examination and dry eye parameters were collected such as Lid Parallel Conjunctival Fold (LIPCOF), Ocular Surface Disease Index questionnare (OSDI), tear osmolarity (TearLab, TearLab Corporation, San Diego, CA, USA), break-up time (t-BUT), Oxford Surface Staining Score and Schirmer test before treatment and first-month aftertreatment. All parameters were compared between groups.


Mean age was 37.78±9.27 and 37.35±8.66 years and duration of symptoms was 7.18± 4.19 and 8.07±5.78 months in Group 1 and 2. (p:0.779, p:0.549, p:0.309) In group 1 and group 2, Schirmer was altered from 7.89±5.64 to 9.41±5.29 and from 9.17±6.26 to 17.19±7.58, t-BUT from 6.71±3.51 to 7.85±3.30 and from 7.12±3.79 to 12.00±3.72, Oxford score from 0.67±1.12 to 0.35±0.81 and from 0.59±1.01 to 0.07±0.26, tear osmolarity from 322.36±9.70 to 312.82±9.15 and from 325.77±10.44 to 306.51±9.25, LIPCOF from 0.14±0.52 to 0.0±0.12 and from 0.10±0.38 to 0.07±0.26 at first month. (p<0.05).


Topical cyclosporine treatment is a significant part of treatment in dry eye syndrome in severity of Grade 2 or more. In our country, manufacturers producted two different concentrations of topical cyclosporine and high concentrations seems to be more effective in dry eye syndrome both in terms of patient compliance and frequency of use.

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