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Comparison of medial rectus resection and plication in exotropic patients

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First Author: Z.Rajavi IRAN

Co Author(s):    S. Arabikhalilabad   H. Sabbaghi   B. Kheiri   N. Nassiri   H. Norouzi   S. Abdi     

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To determine the surgical outcomes of the plication technique in comparison with the resection method on exotropic patients.


Torfeh Eye Hospital, Tehran, Iran.


In this randomized clinical trial, a total of 52 exotropic patients (female, 51.9%) who were candidates for medial rectus strengthening were randomly classified into plication (n=24) and resection (n=28) groups. The comprehensive visual and ocular examinations were performed on all study subjects and they were followed- up at least three months postoperatively. Plication technique was the same as resection up to muscle suturing, in the next step, the sutures were passed through 2 scleral bites at 1 mm anterior to the muscle insertion, then the muscle was folded toward inside or outside by pulling and fixing the sutures.


The mean surgical age of our subjects was 14±10 years old. There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups regarding near and far deviations preoperatively and also at one and three months postoperative follow-ups. There was no superiority when comparing these surgical techniques. Furthermore, they were similar regarding their success rate (Plication, 87% and resection, 89.3%) and dose response of plication and resection techniques uni- or bilaterally. Reoperation was needed in 13% and 10.7% of the plicated and resection groups, respectively (P>0.05).


Medial rectus plication surgery would be appropriate alternative operation for medial rectus resection and it is highly recommended in larger deviations, reoperations, older patients and post retinal detachment deviations.

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