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Complex therapy of atherosclerotic angiopathy

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First Author: D.Makhkamova UZBEKISTAN

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Examine the effectiveness of combined therapy in patients with atherosclerotic angiopathy.


Tashkent institute of postgraduate medical education.


We examined 57 patients with atherosclerotic angiopathy. Of these, 36 men and 21 women. Patients depending on the applied therapy were divided into 2 groups. In the main (1st ) group of 29 patients was used etiotropic, metabolic and anti-ischemic treatment. In the control (2nd) group of 28 patients was used etiotropic treatment. As metabolic therapy used drug fructose-1, 6- diphosphate and as neuroprotective therapy we used Choline alphosceratus. To patients of the main group was appointed the drug FDP - 5 grams a day for 7 days and Gliatilin – 0,4 grams 2 times a day for 2 months.


VA after treatment of patients of  the main group in the affected eye improved by 31.8 %. In the control group, the VA in the affected eye improved by 8.3 %. After treatment in group 1 showed an increase in the speed performance of the ophthalmic artery to 51,7%. After treatment in group 2 in 9 patients showed an increase in the speed performance of the ophthalmic artery at 8,7%. 3 months after treatment was observed: VA was increased by 25,9%, the positive dynamics OCT indicators – 37,2%  and  improve speed performance on Doppler dynamics – 26,7%.


Comprehensive treatment of the atherosclerotic angiopathy including metabolic therapy positively influences the course of the disease, thereby improving the quality of life of patients.

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