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Aspects of ocular trauma: traumatic retinopathy on one side and iridocyclitis on the other

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First Author: M.Emin BULGARIA

Co Author(s):    G. Markov                    

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To describe a case of a traumatic maculopathy of the right eye and traumatic iridocyclitis of the left eye after trauma caused by an impact with an elastic band


Department of ophthalmology, University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria


A case report of a 24-year old man, who had sustained a simultaneous trauma to both eyes. The diagnosis was made with a thorough ophthalmic exam and optical coherence tomography. The prescribed therapy included corticosteroids (Prednisolone) 60mg/day for a week p.o., Vit.C,lutein/zeaxanthin supplement, and local therapy – topical dexamethasone 6x1 and cyclopentolate 2x1 in left eye and artificial tears.


After the trauma,caused by an impact with a ruptured training elastic band,he had complaints of reduced vision in his right eye and pain with eye movements in his left eye.The visual acuity of the right eye was 0.5 and of the left 1.0.Intraocular pressure was normal.The anterior segment of the right eye was normal,whereas in the posterior segment a focal schisis from the internal limiting membrane to the level of the pigment epithelium was observed in the fovea.The left eye had iridocyclitis with 3+cells in the anterior chamber,and no changes posteriorly.After one month threatment,the vision of both eyes was 1.0.


The defect in the macula of the right eye had improved significantly with residual changes at the level of the inner segment/outer segment junction and the pigment epithelium focally. Ocular trauma may lead to blinding complications. Even though there is no specific therapy for traumatic maculopathy,the vision of our patient improved from 0.5 to1.0. It is not clear what was the cause for this improvement, since it could have been spontaneous, due to the prescribed therapy,or a combination of both.

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