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Arthrographis kalrae: a rare fungus with an affinity for keratin

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First Author: M.McKenna UK

Co Author(s):    T. Patel   D. Ting                 

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We describe an unusual case of a 76year patient with a complex ophthalmic history who developed Arthrographis Kalrae keratitis in a corneal graft. Unfortunately the organism is resistant to treatment and the patient developed a fungal endophthalmitis


Main Ophthalmology department - corneal department


A 76 year old male who has a complex ophthalmic history was listed for a penetrating keratoplasty due to significant scarring secondary to herpetic keratitis. Penetrating keratoplasty was performed and he initially progressed well. Medically, he also was immunocompromised due to lymphoma.


Development of fungal keratitis in any graft is always disappointing. There are limited articles in the literature on the organism Arthrographis Kalrae. Treatment options are also limited and often fail. Our patient was immunocompromised due to his previous lymphoma. Unfortunately the fungus was resistant to topical, intracameral, intravitreal, oral / systemic anti fungals. The patient later developed fungal endophthalmitis which ultimately resulted in him requiring an enucleation


Arthrographis Kalrae is a rare ocular pathogen often causing significant morbidity. It has a affinity for keratin. Multiple different anti-fungal were tried to no avail. This case demonstrates that fungal infections are exceptionally difficult to treat and often lead to poor outcomes

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