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Agreement between two Scheimpflug devices measuring axis and magnitude of corneal astigmatism in patients with high astigmatism

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First Author: K.Ruiz-Montenegro Villa PERU

Co Author(s):    L. Izquierdo Jr.   J. Camargo   R. Zuñiga   M. Camino   C. Maldonado   M. Henriquez     

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To analyze the agreement between two Scheimpflug devices in measuring anterior and posterior corneal astigmatism in high astigmatism patients.


Instituto de ojos Oftalmosalud, Lima, Perú


Prospective cross-sectional study that included 60 eyes of 60 patients that attend to Instituto Oftalmosalud, Lima, Perú, between October to November 2018. The inclusion criteria were patients with a corneal astigmatism greater than 1.50 Diopters (D) measured in both devices and no corneal abnormalities. The two devices used were the Pentacam AXL (Oculus, Wetzlar, Germany) and the Galilei G6 (Ziemer, Port, Switzerland). Steeper and flattest keratometry(K) with their respective axis were measured and compared between devices. Statistical analysis was performed using statistical program R (, intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was used to analyze the agreement between the devices.


Mean steeper anterior K and axis with Pentacam was 45.31±1.44D and 92.06±12.81° respectively and with Galilei was 45.41±1.41D and 91.95±12.32° respectively (ICC: 0.982, p= 0.001 for steeper K, ICC: 0.966, p= 0.6989 for axis between devices). Mean flattest anterior K and axis with Pentacam was 42.07±1.41D and 92.06±81.28° respectively and with Galilei was 42.32±1.39D and 79.95±81.03 respectively (ICC: 0.985, p= <0.001 for flattest K, ICC: 0.849, p=0.155 for axis between devices). 54 eyes (90%) had an axis difference less than 5°, 5 eyes (8.33%) had an axis difference between 5° and 9.9° and only 1 eye (1.66%) a difference >10°.


Good agreement between devices in terms of keratometry and axis was found, however even if there are no significant differences in statistical terms, they can’t be interchangeably clinically.

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