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Phaco and toric sutures in keratoconus with cataract

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First Author: A.Zahran EGYPT

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To evaluate the benefits of using toric sutures for correction of high astigmatism of keratoconus during cataract surgery


Zahran eye Centre, Damiett, Egypt


This is a retrospective study of 30 eyes of 22 patients 7 males 15 females ages between 29 to 54 years whom had advanced keratoconus with different degrees of cataract for whom ordinary phaco with implanting pc iol through incision in the steep meridian and 2 side ports at the flat meridian, after implanting the iol the 2 side ports were widened 10 degrees up and down then air was injected in the AC then 3 to 4 very tight sutures 10.o nylon were taken at each side port then follow up, All cases were done between 2009 to 2015


All eyes had poor vision first week post operative with irregular inverted astigmatism which gradually became more better at the end of the first month, 18 eyes had vision 0f 6 /12 unaided, one eye needed one intra Corneal ring to reach 6/9 unaided vision, follow up using topography didn't explain the improvement of vision, the objective refraction by autorefractometer had no role but its keratoscope circle showed the improvement of its circular shape parallel with the improvement of vision.


Toric sutures for corrections of high astigmatism of keratoconus during cataract surgery is simple and effective for managing those cases.

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