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The analysis of effectiveness and safety of aspiration of regeneratory posterior capsule opacification in pseudophakic eyes in patients with high-degree myopia

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First Author: A.Vasilyev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    A. Egorova   L. Bai                 

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Maximum removal of lens epithelial cells (LECs) using method of their aspiration from capsule preserving intactness of the latter is the most promising direction in treatment of regeneratory posterior capsule opacification (PCO). The purpose of our work is the analysis of effectiveness and safety of regeneratory PCO in pseudophakic eyes of patients with high degree myopia.


The work was performed in the Khabarovsk branch of the Federal State Autonomous Institution «S.N. Fedorov National Medical Research Center «MNTK «Eye Microsurgery» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


14 patients (14 pseudophakic eyes) with regenatory PCO. There were 6 men and 8 women aged from 56 to 78 years old. Criteria of inclusion were the presence of regeneratory PCO, myopia with axial lengths more than 26 mm, unremarkable postoperative period and absence of zonular weakness, macular pathology and glaucoma. All patients underwent aspiration of lens epithelial cells in accordance with proposed by us method. Preoperative examination was standard. Postoperatively we checked BCVA on the first postoperative day and one month later together with biomicroscopy.  Endothelial cells density count was done before operation and one month later.


There were no intraoperative complications in all cases. Early postoperative period was also uneventful. We have performed the analysis of numbers of vision acuity, which showed that aspiration of LECs allowed achieving 5,6 times increase of UCVA and 2,3 times  increase of BCVA in examined eyes in comparison with preoperative values at the end of observation period.  The loss of endothelial cells was insignificant and did not exceed 3% regarding initial level 1 month later the operation.


The performed analysis showed high effectiveness and safety of LECs aspiration in pseudophakic eyes in patients with high degree myopia. The implementation of abovementioned method of regeneratory PCO aspiration allowed achieving elevation of vision acuity at minimal loss of corneal endothelial cells and non-reactive course of postoperative period.

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