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Corneal transepithelial cross-linking using iontophoretic method (i-CXL-TE) in progressive keratoconus (KC) in young adult patients: follow-up at 36 months

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Corneal Cross-Linking

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 3

First Author: : S.Troisi ITALY

Co Author(s): :    F. Di Landro   M. Troisi   V. Turco                 

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Assessment at 36 months of the efficacy and safety of the trans-epithelial crossslinking with ionoforetic method and UV-A irradiation with accelerated protocol in corneas affected by progressive cheratocone (KC) in patients aged from 18-35.


Salerno Hospital University - Ocular Surface Pathology Unit


From 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2015,106 eyes of 84 patients aged from 18-35 suffering from progressive keratoconus underwent a i-CXL-TE. There was performed epi-on imbibition with a hypotonic solution of riboflavin 0.1% and iontoforetic methods for 5 minutes, followed by UV-A 370 nm 10mW/cm2 for 9 minutes. Clinical tomographic follow-up with a Scheimpflug camera at 1,3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 months; visual acuity, endothelial cells count and macular OCT at 3, 12, 24, 36 months.


In the 6 months prior to the treatment, the Kmax had on average increased by +1,84+/-0,29D. The average Kmax after treatment has decreased with values of -0.48+/-0,87D, -0.92+/-098D, -1.01+/-1.19D, 0.98+/-1.17D, 0.93+/-1.21D at 6, 12,24, 36 months; the reduction of the Kmax at 36 months has occurred in 92 eyes. The visual acuity (BSCVA) has improved in 96 eyes,averaging -0.19+/--0.5 LogMar at 36 months (p<0.05).In the follow up, endothelial cells count, intra-ocular pression and macular OCT have shown no change; no haze noticed


The i-CXL-TE treatment has proved effective after 36 months in blocking the keratoconus progression in the absence of side-effects. The rapidity of the application and the reduced invasivity make its application in young patients interesting.

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