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Quality of image of grating target during vitrectomy in model eyes implanted with multifocal intraocular lenses

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Combined Cataract Surgery & Cataract Surgery Complications

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : K.Morii JAPAN

Co Author(s): :    F. Taketani   S. Miura   T. Otsuka   H. Kubotani   A. Akashi   R. Fujiwara        

Abstract Details


To evaluate the quality of the image of a grating target placed in a model eye implanted with diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses(IOLs)  through visualization systems for vitrectomy.


Laboratory investigation.


A monofocal IOL ZCB00 or a diffractive multifocal IOL( ZKB00, ZLB00 or ZMB00)  was implanted in a fluid-filled model eye. On the posterior surface of the model eye, A United States Air Force resolution target was placed. Image photos were taken with a digital camera through a surgical microscope,with a flat contact lens(HHV 1d) in the cornea or with a non-contact wide-angled viewing system(Resight700,front lens +128D). The contrasts of the gratings were calculated using a software and compared among IOL models.


There was no statistical difference in the  contrasts of grating images among IOL models through a non-contact wide angle viewing systems. However, the contrast of the gratings through a flat contact vitrectomy lens significantly decreased in eyes implanted with all three types of multifocal IOLs. In addition, a positive correlation was suggested between the decrease in the contrast of the grating and the near additional power in multifocal IOLs.


Diffractive multifocal IOLs blur the grating target but less with the wide-angle viewing system. The diffravtive multifocal optical zone may influence the quality of image through a flat contact lens.

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