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Comparative refractive accuracy during PKE of four IOLs: TFNTx, SN6ATX, SV25Tx and AU00T0

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Session Title: Monofocal IOLs: New Biomaterials & Visual Performance

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 17/09/2019 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:36

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 2

First Author: : F.Mokhtari FRANCE

Co Author(s): :    L. Broissand   A. Henni   D. Iossifov                       

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To assess The Refractive Accuracy of four IOL TFNTxx, SN6ATx, SV25Tx and AU00T0 during Phacoemulsification (PKE)


Retrospective study.


Two multifocal: TFNTxx, SV25Tx and two Monofocal SN6ATx, and AU00T0 for Visual Acuity (VA) and Refractive Accuracy. One Hundred and six (106) eyes (56 TFNTxx, 25 SV25Tx, 12 SN6ATx and13 AU00T0) undergo cataract surgery during a period of two months. IOL Calculation was obtained using Pentacam® HR for Keratometry and the Lenstar LS 900 for other data. IOL power was calculated with the Barrett Universal II formula. Collected data where: Pre and Post-Op Visual Acuity (VA), Sphere, Cylinder and Axis. The Refraction Accuracy defined by the difference between the expected and the obtained Refraction was analyzed.


TFNT IOL: Pre-Op VA was 0,28 ±0,22 (SD). Post-OP was 0,14 ±0.19. Spherical Accuracy was -0.05 D ±0.51, Cylinder Accuracy was -0.08 D ±0.38. SV25Tx IOL: Pre-Op VA was 0,30 ±0,22 . Post-OP was 0,18 ±0.29. Spherical Accuracy was -0.17 D ±1.00, Cylinder Accuracy was 0.42 D ±0.56. SN6ATx IOL: Pre-Op VA was 0,46 ±0,29 (SD). Post-OP was 0,27 ±0.36. Spherical Accuracy was -0.01 D ±0.57, Cylinder Accuracy was 0.96 D ±1.58. AU00T0 IOL : Pre-Op VA was 0,29 ±0,21. Post-OP was 0,12 ±0.22. Spherical Accuracy was -0.34 D ±0.45, Cylinder Accuracy was 0.54 D ±0.42.


VA was slightly better with the Monofocal lens AU00T0, followed closely by the Trifocal lens TFNTxx. The difference was not statistically significant. Refractive Accuracy was better with the Trifocal lens. The difference was statistically significant. The combination of Pentacam, Lenstar and Barett Universal II formula, allow the refractive accuracy do go under 0.5 Diopter.

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