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Options for patient selection of monocular implantation of a small-aperture intraocular lens: a retrospective analysis

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Session Title: Multifocal IOLs I

Session Date/Time: Sunday 15/09/2019 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:42

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 1

First Author: : S.Schmickler GERMANY

Co Author(s): :    O. Cartsburg                             

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To determine which patients are good candidates for a small aperture intraocular lens (IOL).


Single center


Retrospecitve analysis of 30 consecutive patients implanted over two years with an IC-8 small aperture IOL (AcuFocus). 20 patients presented for cataract surgery and 10 presented for presbyopia treatment. 8 of patients presented with a history of iris trauma, prior cornea refractive surgery and/or corneal higher order aberrations of 0.3 microns or more. Cataract patients were implanted contralaterally with an IC-8 IOL and an aspheric monofocal IOL. IC-8 eyes were targeted for a residual refraction of -0.75 D and fellow monofocal eyes were targeted for plano. Patients presenting for presbyopia-correcting lens replacement surgery, received the IC-8 IOL in one eye.


All patients achieved good uncorrected visual acuities (UCVA) for near (N), intermediate (I) and distance (D) vision performance despite the differences in refractive error. On average patients achieved 20/20 for UCDVA, 20/25 for UCIVA and 20/25 for UCNVA in the IC-8 IOL implanted eye.


In our experience the IC-8 IOL extendes depth of focus for a broad range of presbyopic and cataract patients. The lens works well in combination with a phakic or monofocal IOL fellow eye and provides a unique solution for eyes with naturally occurring or surgically induced aberrated corneas and irregular irides.

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