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Management of children's ocular disorders during paediatric consultations

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Session Title: Ocular Pathology/Education & Training

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 17/09/2019 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 15:42

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 4

First Author: : M.Lefebvre FRANCE

Co Author(s): :    C. Le Pape   F. Mouriaux                          

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Screening and care for child’s ophthalmological abnormalities begins with the examination by the general practitioner or pediatrician. The purpose of this screening is to allow an early diagnosis of visual disorders or severe pathologies.


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the knowledge and current practices of these practitioners in the management of ophtalmo-pediatric abnormalities and provide them with educational support.


From June 2018 to August 2018, 100 practitioners from Ille-et-Vilaine, France, were questioned using a twelve questions online survey, on KLAXOON platform, about common or serious eye disorders. All participants were sent an information sheet contained educational and recommended management in ophtalmo-pediatric abnormalities.


Only one physician recognized having proper ophthalmological training. 79 of 100 practitioners reported the difficulty diagnosing a buphtalmia and 21 a leucocoria. Majority knew etiologies but not the right conduct to adopt in such circumstances. Chalazion’s treatment varied among participants: 42% failed on this question because of misdiagnosis (36%) or because wrong treatment (1% used oral antibiotic, 6% recommend surgery first). Early tearing and ptosis were well known by participants but, on the contrary, angioma and dacryocystocele were not.


This study demonstrates that there is a lack of theoretical knowledge and clinical skill for practitioners performing the ophthalmological screening of children. We, ophthalmologists, must provide efficient aid for the training of pediatrician and general practitioners. We developed this educational sheet to help them in their daily work.

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