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Binocular visual performance after implantation of intraocular lens targeting emmetropia and slight myopia

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Session Title: Extended-Depth-Of-Focus IOLs II

Session Date/Time: Monday 16/09/2019 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 15:18

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 1

First Author: : K.Nakamura JAPAN

Co Author(s): :    H. Bissen-Miyajima   Y. Ota   M. Hirasawa   K. Minami                    

Abstract Details


To compare binocular uncorrected visual acuities (VA) between implantation of extended range of vision intraocular lenses (IOLs) targeting emmetropia and slight myopia (-0.5D).


Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Hospital


This prospective study included 32 eyes of 16 patients who received extended range of vison IOLs (ZXR00, Johnson&Johnson Vision) bilaterally. According to the patient’s life style, IOL power was selected to achieve postoperative refraction of emmetropia (group E) and slight myopia of -0.5D (group L). Binocular uncorrected logMAR visual acuities (UCVAs) at 5m, 1m, 70cm, 50cm, 40cm, and 30cm, and spectacle usage were assessed 3 months postoperatively. 


The mean UCVAs of groups E/L were -0.13/-0.10 for 5 m, -0.08/-0.09 for 1 m, -0.04/-0.08 for 70 cm, 0.05/-0.02 for 50 cm, 0.15/0.08 for 40 cm, and 0.31/0.25 for 30 cm. Significantly better VA in group L was found at 50 cm (p=0.039 Mann-Whitney U Test). Two patients (25%) of group E and 5 patients (62.5%) of group L did not require any spectacles.


Implantation of EDOF IOL targeting -0.5 D would increase the range of better uncorrected vision.

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