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Comparative analysis of visual outcomes, quality of vision, spectacle independence and patient satisfaction in patients with bilateral implantation of diffracting trifocal IOLs and extended-range-of-vision IOLs in the Indian population

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Session Title: Extended-Depth-Of-Focus IOLs II

Session Date/Time: Monday 16/09/2019 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 14:36

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 1

First Author: : B.Kashyap INDIA

Co Author(s): :    B. Kashyap   B. Kashyap   N. Gajendragadkar                       

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The purpose of the study was to compare Visual and Contrast Sensitivity (CS) outcomes, Defocus Curve, photic phenomenon, spectacle independence and Level of Patient Satisfaction in patients with bilateral implantation of Diffracting trifocal Intra Ocular Lens (Panoptix) and an extended range of Vision (Symfony) IOL at 90 days for Indian Population.


This is non randomized and comparative study which included 60 eyes of 30 patients at a Tertiary Eye Care Hospital, India


60 eyes of 30 patients underwent uneventful Bilateral Cataract Surgery with Implantation of Diffractive Trifocal IOL (Gr-1) in 15 patients and Extended range of Vision (Gr-2) for other subset of 15 patients Primary outcomes were Binocular Uncorrected Distance Visual Acuity (UDVA), Best Correct Distance Visual Acuity (BDVA), Binocular Uncorrected Intermediate Visual Acuity (UIVA) & Uncorrected near Visual Acuity (UNVA) which were evaluated at 90 days post operative follow up. Binocular defocus curve, mesopic & photopic contrast by modular transfer function, photic phenomena (glare and haloes), spectacle independence & patient satisfaction were also analyzed at 3 months follow up


Mean-UDVA was 0.993 for Gr-1 and 0.969 for Gr-2, not significant (p=0.147,-0.008 to 0.057) Mean-UIVA at 60 cms in Gr-1(0.993) and Gr-2(0.887) is statistically significant (p=0.000,-0.067 to 0.145). Gr-1 had significantly better UNVA(1.00) as compared to Gr-2(0.826), (p=.000, 0.148 to 0.198) CS significantly less in Gr-1 as compared to Gr-2. Gr-2 offered lesser glare and haloes but statistically non-significant. Spectacle Independence for Near in Gr-1 and Gr-2 is 97 % & 13 % respectively UNVA for Gr-1 is significantly higher (med=10) vs. Gr-2 (med=6), p=0.000. The medians for UDVA & UIVA was not significant(p=1.0) Defocus curve significantly better in Gr-1(p<0.001)


No significant differences were found for distant vision. In our study, we have found better intermediate visual outcomes with the PanOptix IOL, but measured at 60 cm. Since majority of the cases in Indian population with shorter arm length and their intermediate visual acuity is at 60 cms. The diffractive Trifocal IOLs (Gr-1) showed combination of good visual outcomes based on high spectacle independence for distance intermediate and near vision leading to significantly higher level of patient satisfaction in Indian Population.

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