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New IOL delivery system for FineVision Triumf: a trifocal EDOF IOL of hydrophobic glistening-free acrylic material with double C-loop design

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Session Title: Cataract Surgery Equipment

Session Date/Time: Monday 16/09/2019 | 08:30-10:30

Paper Time: 08:48

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 3

First Author: : T.Akahoshi JAPAN

Co Author(s): :                                 

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To develop an ideal IOL delivery system to implant a double C haptic trifocal EDOF IOL made of hydrophobic acrylic material. The requirements for the ideal delivery system are (1) Not to damage the fine optical structure (2) Can implant through the original incision size without extension, ideally through sub-2mm (3) Can inject into the capsular bag by single action without leaving the haptics outside the incision to prevent the contamination (4) Reliability to attain the constant lens behavior and results (5) Easy axis manipulation for adjustment of the toric IOL (6) Easy to prepare (7) Minimum cost


In vitro studies were performed at Akihabara Eye Clinic in Tokyo, Japan in the process of developing and testing the new instruments. Clinical evaluation was done in the operating theater and clinic of Nihonbashi Cataract Clinic in Tokyo, Japan in 20 eyes of 10 patients.


Loading forceps with double handle and double hook manipulator were developed. One side of the forceps has U shaped blades to remove the IOL from the holder without touching the optical zone. The blades on the other side have a unique structure to close the trailing haptics together and place on the optic. Thus the IOL is set into the cartridge with four haptics on the optic. The L-hook provides counter force during the wound assisted implantation with a metal syringe style injector. The Y-hook on the other side is used to adjust the IOL axis in the capsular bag.


By the implantation with the conventional disposable injector with a butterfly cartridge, implantation through a sub-2mm incision was difficult and the trailing haptics were always outside of the incision. As the hydrophobic acryl is much harder than the hydrophilic material, manipulation to place the IOL into the capsular bag was not so easy as the conventional hydrophilic IOLs. By the new delivery system, all the double C-haptics were placed on the optic to be pushed by the steady metal injector plunger, single action implantation was easily and constantly attained. Manipulation of the lens axis with the Y-hook was also successful.


By the new IOL delivery system using a new double handled loading forceps, manipulator, closed cartridge and syringe style metal injector, all the seven requirements were satisfied. To maximize the post-operative clinical performance of the unique optical design, especially in the premium multifocal and/or toric IOLs, small incision surgery together with a reliable IOL delivery system, which doesn’t damage the delicate IOL optic and incision, is mandatory. This delivery system is ideal which can be also used for all the double C-loop IOLs of not only hydrophobic but also hydrophilic acrylic material in multifocal, monofocal as well as toric design.

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