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Comparative analysis on long-term qualitative and quantitative visual outcomes between two phakic intraocular lenses: Visian® ICL™ and Artiflex®

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Session Title: Posterior Chamber Phakic IOLs

Session Date/Time: Sunday 15/09/2019 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 15:40

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 3

First Author: : P.Baptista PORTUGAL

Co Author(s): :    A. Marta   N. Silva   J. Poças   D. José   M. Lume   M. Pinto              

Abstract Details


To compare qualitative and quantitative visual outcomes after implantation of two phakic intraocular lenses (pIOLs): the Visian® ICL™ and the Artiflex®.


Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto (CHUP) - Porto, Portugal.


Retrospective observational study including 60 eyes (30 patients). Refractive procedure with bilateral implantation of or Visian® ICL™ (group 1, n=30eyes) or Artiflex® (group 2, n=30eyes) was performed. Best-corrected and uncorrected visual acuities (BCVA and UCVA, logMAR) and clinical data were evaluated. Structural parameters were analyzed with OCULUS Pentacam® and TOMEY EM-3000® specular microscope. Vision quality was assessed applying a modified Cataract TyPESpecification questionnaire and by an optical quality analysis system - HD Analyzer® - measuring the objective scatter index (OSI), potential visual acuity (PVA) at photopic, mesopic and scotopic conditions and modulation transfer function (MTF). Minimum follow-up was 24 months.


13 men and 17 women. Mean age 36.6±5.5 years. No significative differences in baseline characteristics (p>0.05). Similar initial BCVA and refractive error in two groups (p>0,05). Significantly better post-UCVA in group2 (0,02±0,96 VS 0,004±1,3 LogMar; p=0,017) but better OSI in group1 (1.79±0.87 VS 2.61±1.41). No differences in other functional parameters between groups (PVA, PVA20, PVA9, MTF; p>0,05). Anterior chamber volume was significantly higher in group2 (147±18 VS 178±13 mm3; p<0,001) with no differences in depth (3.08±0.15 VS 3.10±0.15 mm; p>0,05) and central endothelium cell count (2591±309 VS 2470±516; p>0,05). Questionnaire satisfaction was high in both groups.


Post-operative UCVA was excellent in both groups, but higher with Artiflex®. For other hand, visual quality was very good in both groups but slightly higher with Visian® ICL™. All patients maintained good and stable anterior segment structural measures after more than two years. Phakic IOL implantations are nowadays safe and effective procedures for the reduction of high sphero-cylindrical refractive errors with very good patient satisfaction índices.

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