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Turkish Ophthalmological Association cataract surgery trend survey: 2018 results

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Session Title: Combined Cataract Surgery & Practice Styles

Session Date/Time: Sunday 15/09/2019 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 15:28

Venue: Free Paper Forum: Podium 2

First Author: : I.Can TURKEY

Co Author(s): :    T. Takmaz                             

Abstract Details


The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the usage rates of current cataract techniques and technologies and the perspectives of Turkish Ophthalmological Association (TOA) members.


TOA Members


A survey containing 33 questions was sent to 4500 TOA members using Survey Monkey data platform and the results were collected. Questions can be grouped in 5 categories: 1. Cataract surgery preparation, 2. Surgical techniques, 3. Approach to FLACS, 4. Approach to astigmatic patient and toric intraocular lenses (IOL), 5. Approach to presbyopia correcting cataract surgery. Responders were compared and categorized by their ages, occupational status, institutions they work and experience.


A total of 823 responses were collected. For both keratometry and IOL power calculation optical biometry usage rate was calculated as77.7%, while most frequent IOL calculation formulae was found as SRK-T(45.1%). Main incision width choice was 2.8 mm with51.6% and the steep axis localization approach was only28.8%. Only10.3% of the respondents have FLACS experience. When faced with meaningful corneal astigmatism(>0.75D.), 24.9% of the respondents’ first choice was toric IOL. Toric IOL was used by44.3% of the respondents. Cost was the first factor with32,2% for disuse. 49,2% of the surgeons used presbyopia-correcting IOLs, while49,2% selected trifocal-diffractive IOLs as first choice.


It is concluded that the technology and device competence is exceedingly sufficient, and the use of acquired cataract surgical techniques are at the level of contemporary standards. However, it is seen that the sensitivity against astigmatism and the use of toric IOLs are insufficient. It is observed that results are more compatible with up-to-date standards with age, working in private institutions, carrying out academic activities and experience.

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