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ISRS Symposium Oh, La, La: What's Hot in Refractive, Cornea and Cataract Surgery

Tuesday 17 September | 17.00 – 20.00

Chairpersons: S. Jacob INDIA, D. Gatinel FRANCE, S. Yoo USA


Refractive Session

Moderators: R. Ambrosio BRAZIL, R. Krueger USA
Panellists:    J. Guell SPAIN, A. Kilic TURKEY, S. Navon UAE, R. Shetty INDIA

Cornea Session

Moderators: B. Randleman USA, J. Hjortdal DENMARK
Panellists:    A. Tourkmani UK, C. Perez Straziota USA, T. Seiler SWITZERLAND, R. Epstein USA

Cataract and Lens-Based

Moderators: A. Agarwal INDIA, G. Beiko USA , S. Masket USA
Panellists:    M. Tsatsos GREECE, H. Bissen-Miyajima JAPAN, S. Arshinoff CANADA, S. Yamane JAPAN

In the Future

Moderators: J. Chang HONG KONG, R. Maloney USA
Panellists:    K. Rocha USA, S.P. Chee SINGAPORE, Z. Nagy HUNGARY, S. Daya UK