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ESCRS Cataract Tutorial Group 2019

To register your interest for 2019 please contact

If so, then register your interest to take part in the first ESCRS Cataract Tutorial Group. More information is below.

STEP 1: Preparing Online:
Your mentor (Dr Roberto Bellucci, Italy ) has set up a comprehensive “Cataract Surgery” task-list on the ESCRS iLearn platform.

STEP 2: Hands-on at the Conference:
The group will participate in 3 wetlabs together

Participants will also have access to the wetlab practice room and Virtual Reality Drylab machines to further refine their skills after each taught course.

There will also be an opportunity to begin networking with colleagues at a coffee morning on Saturday to meet each other in person, your mentor, and some teachers from the society.

Cost of participation:

*Does not include Congress registration, which is an additional €50 for trainees. It does however cover the usual cost of attending 3 wetlabs.

If you are chosen to participate you must register for the Congress and the onsite wetlabs (€350 in total) BEFORE you can began the online portion of the course. Failure to promptly pay the registration fee and confirm your attendance in Paris will result in you being removed from the group.