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Classic blepharitis treatment (hot massage, lid hygiene and artificial tears): impact on clinical signs and quality of life. A prospective study

Abstract Type: Poster

First Author: : N.Alejandre-Alba SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    A. Ole   G. Fernandez Sanz   S. Luxan   M. Alarcon   A. Martinez de Carneros   I. Jim

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To determine the impact of treatment with hot massage, lid hygiene and artificial tears on signs and symptoms of blepharitis. An evaluation of quality of life changes was also undertaken.


Blepharitis is the most common cause of ophthalmologic consultation in secondary care clinics. It affects up to 60% of the population. The primary approach includes hot massage to empty the meibomian glands of its content accompanied by lid hygiene as well as preservative free artificial tears. The clinical benefits of this approach are well known, but there is a lack of data assessing its effectiveness.


A prospective observational study of 22 patients was conducted in a secondary care setting. Ethical committee approbation was obtained. Clinical signs and symptoms were recorded following the validated classifications and scales. Quality of life was assessed also validated questionnaires (VFQ-25 and WHO questionnaire for physical and psychological health). None of the patients was being treated for blepharitis or had any interfering condition. Explorations were done before treatment, one month after treatment and three months after treatment. No parametric statistical testing with McNemar and Wilcoxon test were performed.


Dry eye signs improved one month after treatment start and reminded stable (p 0.0004 and 0.5587), breakup time and Schirmer test did not improve with treatment, blepharitis signs showed statistically significant improvement and some of them continued improving from one month to three months of treatment. Itching and tearing improved but other dry eye symptoms did not reach statistically significant differences though some of them did show a trend towards improvement. General health questionnaires did not showed changes but anxiety scale did improve. None of the patients presented adverse effects caused by the treatment.


Hot massage and lid hygiene combined with preservative free artificial tears, is a good initial approach to manage blepharitis associated dry eye. In some patients this initial approach is not enough to provide a complete relieve of symptoms. No finantial interest to declare

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