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A novel inexpensive way to record microsurgery, remote slit lamp imaging, engage in telemedicine and perform anterior segment imaging using telescope-smartphone adaptors

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First Author: C.Gunasekera UK

Co Author(s):    J. Patel   V. Bansal   A. Mukherjee              

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Recording microsurgery has enormous advantages in training allowing junior surgeons to engage in reflective practice. Smartphone technology is now widespread with several adaptors now available on the market to perform anterior segment imaging. Devices may be bought directly from the microscope company but these are usually phone specific and can only fit on either a slit lamp or operating microscope.We describe a novel inexpensive method that can not only record anterior segment using a smart phone but can record microsurgery.


Colchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK


A telescope smartphone adaptor was purchased through Amazon for �Â�£7.99. This is fully adjustable to all smartphones. An app usually used for movie directors called. Rec MultiCam was downloaded to both an iPhone and iPad. The iPhone was set up as a wireless hotspot and the iPad was connected via wifi to this. The iPhone was attached the the slit lamp viewing piece, the applications were opened on both devices, and live streaming from the iPhone to the iPad took place.


The technique will be presented in further detail.


This technique would be of interest to any Ophthalmologist who performs teaching at the slit lamp or operating microscope. Surgery can also be viewed over wifi in a different room in order to supervise trainees remotely. 4K recording was also possible using the iPhone 7. Remote recording can also take place using the iPad as a controller. Skype for business is now used to securely stream patient data.This technique would also be useful for anyone wanted to perform telemedicine securely.

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