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Impact of prominent superior steepening on safety and efficacy of LASIK

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First Author: J.Mehlan GERMANY

Co Author(s):    J. Steinberg   M. Spitzer   T. Katz   S. Linke           

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To analyze the effect of prominent superior steepening (>1,0dpt) on safety, predictability and efficacy of LASIK surgery


Clinic of Ophthalmology, Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg


We analyzed the refractive outcome, efficacy and safety index (EI and SI) three months post LASIK of eyes with superior steepening (defined as an inferior to superior keratometric difference (i-s) < -1 dpt) compared to a reference group (-0,1< i-s > 0,1). Only one eye per patient was analyzed and ophthalmological pre-existing conditions were excluded. We applied either a parametric T-Test for dependent samples or a non- parametric Wilcoxon signed-rank test.


The mean sphere in the superior steepening group was -3.84 �Â�± 1.23 dpt and in the reference group was 3.56 �Â�± 1.11 dpt (p > 0.05). The mean cylinder of the superior steepening group was �â�€�“ 0.83 �Â�± 0.60 dpt compared to �â�€�“ 0.64 �Â�± 0.58 dpt in the reference group (p > 0.05).The distance corrected visual acuity (DCVA) postoperatively was 0,045 in the superior steepening group and 0,018 in the reference group (p > 0,05).Differences between EI and SI in both groups were not statistically significant (p > 0,05).


In conclusion, there are no statistically significant differences regarding the visual outcome, safety index and efficacy index between those two groups. None of our patients suffered from corneal ectasia postoperatively.Our analysis confirms that LASIK for patients with superior steepening is as safe and effective as the LASIK for the reference group without superior steepening.

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