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Comparative study on different restoration methods of refractive lenticules (RLs) after SMILE surgery

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First Author: L.Gang CHINA

Co Author(s):    Z. Fengju                    

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To observe the morphologic changes of corneal refractive lenticule (RL) after preserved in different method at different time by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), in order to evidences for reuse of RLs in treating corneal diseases or lenticule transplantation further.


Beijing Tongren Eye Center, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing Ophthalmology &Visual Sciences Key Lab, Beijing, China


rospective study. 4 RLs were enrolled in control group and 16 RLs each experimental group. In control group, fresh RLs were instantly preserved in electron microscopy solution after SMILE; in the experimental groups, RLs were stored with glycerol, desiccant, and optisol liquid, respectively. In each group, the 4 RLs were rehydrated and preserved after 1d, 3d, 7d and 14d. The experimental groups were observed by TEM at different time points and same time between groups, to compare the density, arrangement of RL collagen, and changes of stromal cells, in order to investigate the activity of RLs.


In control group, collagen was arranged regularly and neatly, the cytoplasm of stromal cell was rich in organelles. Stromal cells were tightly connected with collagen fibers. In experimental groups, there was significant change of cell structure from first day, and organelles melted with time prolonging. After 7d, there were changes of nucleus. Among the 3 groups, the earliest and most severe change of cells were observed in desiccant-preservation group. Changes of collagen fibers showed up later than stromal cells, glycerol-preservation group showed changes of collagen fiber since 3-day restoration. Generally, the desiccant-preservation group showed most obvious changes of collagen.


The collagen fibers of fresh RL after SMILE surgery were closely arranged with obvious activity of stromal cells, with the prolong of storage time, the activity of corneal stromal cells and collagen fiber density both decreased among three group. but the optisol liquid method demonstrated the smallest morphological changes compared with the other methods.

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