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Detection of amblyopia risk factors using SPOT photo-screener in community-based vision screening programmes

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First Author: R.Murali INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Nishanth   N. Harish   N. Madhivanan   N. Madhivanan   S. Banu        

Abstract Details


To study the detection and prevalence of Amblyopia risk factors using Spot vision screener in children and young adults from school and college based screening programmes in Chennai.


MN Eye Hospital, Tertiary Eye Care and Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


2534 eyes (of 1267 patients) were screened using spot vision screener in multiple school and college vision screening programmes within the city of Chennai. Differently abled and uncooperative patients were excluded from this study. Strabismus, uncorrected refractive errors, anisometropia, media opacities and lid abnormalities were the risk factors for amblyopia that were identified using spot vision screener. Readings were taken at 1 metre distance in a semi-dark room, after entering patients' data into the software. The instrument findings and report was recorded for each person, and complete eye examination at an eye hospital was recommended for the abnormal reports.


Out of 1267 participants, 932 were males and 335 were females. Mean age was 21.1 years (Range : 2-62 years ). 19.9% (n=253) were reported abnormal in SPOT readings and among them 236 (93%) had refractive errors , out of which 47%% (n=112) were aware of their refractive status and were using corrective spectacles or contact lenses. 4.7% (n=12) had strabismus, 1.9% (n=5) had anisocoria and 15% (n=38) had anisometropia. Hence nearly 68.7% (n=174) were newly detected to have risk factors of amblyopia, with uncorrected refractive errors, strabismus and anisometropia.


SPOT being a hand held instrument screener, with its ease of use is reliable tool for mass screening and detection of amblyopia risk factors in children and young adults.

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