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Comparison of visual outcomes one month after cataract surgery with bilateral implantation of PanOptix or FineVision trifocal intraocular lenses

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First Author: J.Garcia Perez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Gros-Otero   M. Garcia-Gonzalez   V. Blazquez   J. Perez-Lanzac   I. Contreras-Martin        

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To compare the visual outcomes one month after cataract surgery in patients receiving bilateral implantation of Panoptix or Finevision trifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs)


Clinica Rementeria


Consecutive patients undergoing bilateral cataract surgery or lensectomy were evaluated for inclusion in the study. Patients receiving bilateral Panoptix IOLs were included in group 1 and patients receiving bilateral Finevision IOLs in group 2. Patients who were diagnosed with any ocular pathology apart from cataracts which could compromise visual acuity or produce a visual field defect were excluded, as well as patients presenting intra or postoperative complications.One month after surgery en extensive ophthalmic evaluation was performed, including photopic and mesopic mono and binocular visual acuity for far (4 metres), intermediate (60 cm) and near (33 cm) distances


Seventeen patients were included in group 1 and 22 in group 2. Uncorrected monocular visual acuity (LogMAR) for group 1 was 0.03 for far, 0.20 for intermediate and 0.04 for near distances; binocular acuity improved to 0.02 for far, 0.11 for intermediate and -0.03 for near distances. In group 2, monocular visual acuity was 0.06 for far, 0.27 for intermediate and 0.07 for near distances, with binocular values of 0.02 for far, 0.20 for intermediate and 0.02 for near distances. Differences between both groups were statistically significant only for intermediate distance (p=0.039 for monocular and p<0.001 for binocular acuity)


Trifocal IOLs provide an excellent visual performance at all distances in most patients, allowing them to be spectacle-independent. There seem to be slight differences in the optimum distance for intermediate vision and in the performance of each IOL under low luminance levels, which ophthalmologists should be aware of in order to recommend the best IOL for each patient.

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