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Visual outcomes of bilateral implantation of two different near add diffractive refractive multifocal intraocular lens implants in same subject

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First Author: G.Bhutani INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Jain   J. Ram   C. Malhotra              

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Multifocal Intraocular Lenses have evolved over years but to achieve complete spectacle independence with good functional vision for distance, intermediate as well as near is still a challenge. Present study was conceived with the idea of making patient spectacle free for all distances and assess objective visual outcomes and subjective satisfaction after bilateral implantation of AcrySof IQ ReSTOR MFIOL of two different near adds in same patient (Contralateral approach).


It was a prospective, single center study conducted at Advanced Eye Center, PGIMER, Chandigarh.


In this prospective clinical study, bilateral implantation of AcrySof IQ ReSTOR MFIOL was done in 24 eyes of 12 patients. Target refraction for distance was emmetropia in both the eyes. Ocular dominance was determined by lens fogging technique. AcrySof IQ ReSTOR SV25T0 (�.50D add) was implanted in distance dominant eye and SN6AD1 (�.00D add) was implanted in other eye. Binocular eye examination followed 1 and 3 months after second eye surgery. Subjective refraction, Defocus Curve (DC) and Contrast Sensitivity (CS) were evaluated. At the end of 3 months follow-up, patients were asked to fill a satisfaction and difficulty questionnaire.


At the end of 3-months, mean binocular uncorrected distance, intermediate (50cm) and near (30cm) visual acuities were 0.02,0.27 and 0.20 logMAR units respectively.Mean binocular distance corrected intermediate and near visual acuities were 0.25 and 0.20 logMAR units respectively. Mean binocular visual acuity of 0.2 logMAR units or better was maintained from �.0D to -3.0D. A distinct wide peak for near as well as intermediate distance was noted in the defocus curve. Mean log CS score were comparable to monofocal IOLs. Median satisfaction score was 27/30. Spectacle independence rate for distance vision was-100% while that for near/ intermediate distance was-75%


Bilateral implantation of AcrySof IQ ReSTOR MFIOL of two different near adds by contralateral approach provides excellent visual outcomes for near, intermediate and distance visual acuity. High levels of patient satisfaction and spectacle independence makes contralateral approach a viable option for patients demanding near as well intermediate distance

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