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Corneal concept 360 out of mind

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First Author: J.Novak CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s):    H. Adamkova                    

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Intraocular lens Concept 360 (Corneal Laboratoire, Pringy, France) was an idea introduced by Dr Philippe Sourdille in 2002. The overall design was that of a disc-shaped lens,with six haptic components having a 10deg posterior optic-haptic angulation with the effect of a complete capsular tension ring. This design was also aimed at keeping the anterior capsule away from the anterior IOL optic surface in order to prevent anterior capsule opacification. Aim of investigation was to analyse the effectiveness of Concept 360 in prevention of secondary cataract in a long term study.


Department of Ophthalmology, NPK PLC Hospital Pardubice and University of Pardubice, Czech Republic


A prospective study of 12 eyes (10 patients) after Concept 360 implantation in 2004. In that time were 53 identical IOLs implanted. Phaco by one surgeon, aspiration of the LECs using special 5-holes aspirating canule in 360 degree including equatorial region. Examination after 1, 5, 10 and 12 years: visual acuity, Pentacam (lens and capsule opacity, AC depth), retroillumination photo, AS-OCT of the IOL, OCT of the macula. 2 patients from prospective study (2eyes) died 10 years after surgery.


Prospective study: BCVA{mean�Â�±SD} before surgery=0,42�Â�±0,20, ACD(endothelium-lens)=2710�Â�±320�Â�µm. 12years after surgery BCVA=0,94�Â�±0,12, ACD (endothelium-IOL)= 4660�Â�±140�Â�µm. IOL opacity=5.3�Â�±0.49%, no glistenings. Space between the CCC edges and aterior IOL surface=527�Â�±177�Â�µm . No significant fibrosis of the anterior CCC edge (opacity 11�Â�±5%) or posterior capsule (opacity 9�Â�±4%). Only single macrophages on the posterior capsule or in the periphery of the posterior capsule behind square edge. Restrospective analysis: no YAG capsulotomy and only 2 secondary cataract aspiration in the whole group of 53 implantations.


Combination of specific design of IOL and LECs aspiration is considered by us as a certain prophylactic surgical combination against secondary cataract evolution. Lost Corneal Concept 360 IOL was one of the best preventive construction against secondary cataract.

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