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New method in dry eye treatment before Femto-LASIK surgery

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First Author: I.Knezović CROATIA

Co Author(s):    H. Raguz   L. Levak   M. Gegovic              

Abstract Details


To determine the effect of E- eye in dry eye treatement


Knezovic Vision Group. Zagreb. Croatia.


E-eye is a specialized device for the treatment of dry eye, manufactured in France in E-Swin company. In this study, E-Eye treatment was performed in 10 patients, age range from 34 to 57, 6 women and 4 men. All patients had Mebomian gland dysfunction. Three treatments was made. First at first day after searches, second 15 days later and third 45 days after first treatment.Following measurements were made before each and 5 week after third treatment: Non-invasive Tear Brakeup time test (Antares, CSO), Meibomography (Antares, CSO), Schirmer test 1, Tear brakeup time test and Lissamin Green score.


Non-invasive tear break up time was presented as two values: first and average tear break up time. First was improved from 3,2 second before first treatment to 6,7 after last session, while everage rised from 8,7 to 13,2 seconds.On the meibography, area of glandular loss (mean value) deminished from 44,9% before to 33,2% after procedure.Schirmer test 1 did not show statistically significant improvement of tears secretion after treatement (p = 0.2) .Tear break up time with flourescein dye, rasied from 4,3 sec. to 7,4 sec., while Lissamine green score changed from 7 to 4 after complete procedure.


E eye had a positive influence on tear film stability, whereas tear secretion remained unaffected when compared with the baseline values.

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