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Pre-loaded injector for sub 2.2mm implantation of hydrophilic lens

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First Author: A.Vyas UK

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To evaluate new pre-loaded injector for implantation of hydrophilic lens with 6mm diameter through sub 2.2mm incision


Scarborough hospital, Scarborough, United Kingdom


RayOne is a new pre-loaded injector system developed by Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd which allows implantation of hydrophilic lens with 6mm optic and 12.5mm overall length through sub 2.2mm incision. Combination of Lock and Roll technology and 1.65mm outer diameter of nozzle makes it possible to implant a hydrophilic lens with 360 degree enhanced edge and anti-vaulting haptics through sub 2.2mm incision. 20 consecutive implantations done by single surgeon were evaluated for ease of RayOne system preparation, ease of implantation, unfolding characteristics of lens and any visible damage to the lens or injector nozzle under operating microscope.


RayOne pre-loaded system required few easy steps to prepare in theatre lighting conditions. It was easy to negotiate nozzle tip through sub 2.2mm incision single handed using either wound assisted or un-assisted technique. There was no difficulty experienced in starting implantation with 45-degree clockwise rotation of nozzle tip followed by counter rotation once the optic started unfolding. None of the cases showed any undue lens rotation when unfolding or visible damage to lens or nozzle under operating microscope. In every case, the lens unfolded in correct configuration and followed predicted path during implantation.


RayOne pre-loaded injector system using Lock and Roll technology was found to offer safe, predictable and reproducible implantation of hydrophilic lens with 6mm optic and 360-degree enhanced edge through sub 2.2mm incision.

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