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Multicenter evaluation of time, operational and economic efficiencies of a new pre-loaded IOL delivery system vs manual IOL delivery

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First Author: L.Bascaran SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Mendicute   L. Pablo   L. V�Ã�©lasque   A. Martinez   O. Malauzat   C. Schweitzer     

Abstract Details


To compare the cataract surgery intra-operative lens delivery time, device preparation and total intraoperative surgical time when using a new pre-loaded IOL delivery system in comparison with manually loaded IOL delivery system for use in routine, uneventful cataract surgeries.


The study has been conducted in private and public hospitals in Spain (2 sites) and in France (3 sites).


The study included 239 surgeries, 130 in France and 109 in Spain, in a prospective observational, time and motion evaluation when using different IOL delivery systems (Monarch, UltraSert, and iTec). Delivery device preparation was recorded by an external video camera, intra-operative procedure was recorded by the microscope camera. Two independent graders assessed the videos and recorded time of the lens delivery phases. Surgery labour utilization was also examined.


Overall, mean (�Â�±SD) lens delivery time was 12.9 �Â�± 5,1 sec and 12.2 �Â�± 6,3 sec for UltraSert and Monarch manual delivery system, respectively (p 0.412). Based on a multiplicity-adjusted post-hoc Bonferroni analysis, mean total intraoperative time was significantly less with UltraSert compared to Monarch (43.0 �Â�±8.6 sec vs 72.0 �Â�±32.5 sec, p< 0.05); Additionally, the mean device preparation time was significantly decreased with UltraSert compared to Monarch (30.3�Â�± 6.6sec vs 59.8 �Â�±31 sec, respectively (p <0.05).


No difference was detected between UltraSert and Monarch devices for intraoperative lens delivery time. However, significant time reductions in device preparation time and total intraoperative time when using the UltraSert preloaded device improved surgery efficiency compared to Monarch.

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