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Artisan implantation in aphakic eyes without capsule support

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First Author: S.Leboukhe ALGERIA

Co Author(s):    L. Degdeg   A. Salem   R. Garout   F. Karaouat           

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to assess post operative visual acuity,endothelium cell loss after 06 months in the follow-up for apahkic eyes implanted with iris �â�€�“claw Artisan aphakia intraocular lens (IOL) for two groups (group 1�Â� : Anterior chamber implantation of Iris-claw Artisan IOL, group 2�Â� : retropupillary implantation of Iris-claw Artisan IOL ).


University Military Hospital, Opthalmology department .Constantine, Algeria.


The study comprised 20 aphakic eyes of 20 patients without capsule support who were enrolled between 2016 and 2017 and implanted with iris �â�€�“claw Artisan IOLs ( Ophtec) after vitrectomy. 65% had post phaco Aphakia, 15% crystalline dislocated lens in the vitreous, 10% dislocated IOL in the posterior chambre and 10% Marfan�â�€�™s syndrome. All patients were operated by the same surgeon. 25% of patient were implanted with anterior iris-claw Artisan IOLs ,75% with retropupillary iris-claw Artisan IOLs.


Mean age at enrolment was 60,15 �Â�± 19,77 (19,77 is the standard deviation) (range, 13 - 79) years .75% male, 25% female. The mean post operative refractive astigmatism is 0,83�Â�± 0,33 dioptrie. The final corrected distance visual acuity in log Mar is 0,23�Â�± 0,20 (no significant diff�Ã�©rence between the two groups). The mean endothelium cell loss at 06 months in the follow-up was for the group 1 (338,2 �Â�± 227,67) cells and (283,07 �Â�± 281,18) cells for group 2. Complications included retinal detachement in 1 cas (5%), macular diabetic oedema in 01 eye (5%). No dislocated IOL occured.


Iris-claw intraocular lens implantaion in aphakic eyes with no capsule support is a safe technique with a good visual outcome and less complications. The results did not show a difference between the two groups apart from the endothelium loss where the anterior chamber implantation shows more endothelium cell loss compared to the retropupillary implantation. further studies are needed to confirm that.

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