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Recurrent hemorrhagic uveitis syndrome of pseudophakic eye due to chronic contact between a posterior chamber IOL and the pigmented posterior face of the iris or HUG syndrome

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First Author: O.Le Quoy FRANCE

Co Author(s):    C. Dubuisson                    

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our series includes 7 eyes suffering from HUG syndrome treated by IOL exchange with suture scleral fixated IOL associated with a posterior vitrectomy.


private/hospital work Fondation rothschild 29 rue Manin 75019 PARIS FRANCE


7 eyes were operated on between October 2014 and November 2016. Mean age 51. All eyes were pseudophakic : 2 eyes had had previously a suture scleral fixated IOL with non angulated haptics for IOL luxation, 1 eye had a sutureless scleral fixated IOL for a cataract in a Marfan syndrome, 2 eyes had an �Â�« in-out �Â�» IOL and 2 eyes with sulcus implantation. Symptoms : suddenly and massive intravitreal hemorrhage or recurrent intravitreal hemorrhage of quick resorption or soft intravitreal hemorrhage which appeared as a pigmented vitreous associated with ocular hypertension. Slit lamp examination highlighted iris transillumination.


all cases were treated by IOL exchange, removal of all capsular bag remnants and insertion of an acrylic hydrophob monobloc IOL with 5 degrees angulated haptics sutured to the sclera by 4 10/0 Prolene , 2 per haptic in the sulcus localysed by transillumination. Prolene sutures are knotted 2 by 2 on the adjacent sclera. Posterior 27 gauge vitrectomy was associated in all cases. All cases had a postoperative visual acuity similar or better than the preoperative visual acuity. Postoperatively we had no intravitreal recurrent hemorrhage. Mean postoperative visual acuity is 20/30.


Patients suffering from HUG syndrome have to live with a great anxiety due to recurrent blurred vision and pain when they are exposed to intense light. The treatment consisting in IOL exchange in eyes operated on long time ago is also challenging. HUG syndrome diagnosis is sometimes difficult and needs to be evoked when an intravitreal hemorrhage occurs in pseudophakic eye with an IOL implanted in the sulcus.

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